Virtual Halloween 2020

Business Case

Holiday plans were up in the air for many families around the country who were looking for fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween/Holidays during the COVID-19 pandemic. Communities, schools, and local government agencies were looking for a fun way to let the communities celebrate Halloween without compromising safety.

Halloween Go Web AR Scavenger Hunt


Created a platform where parents, store owners, and other location owners can upload virtual pictures of their building and use the decorations made available in the library of the platform to decorate. Once decorated, they can invite family and friends to visit their virtual location and take pictures. Social media sharing was utilized to help community engagement. Gamification is also enabled by enabling participants to earn points when they successfully visit a virtual site and take pictures.

Halloween Go Spirits
Halloween Go Entry

We have created a platform enabling our communities to celebrate the season safely without compromising the fun! Halloween need not be just one day, kids can have fun for an extended time period! The platform is flexible to be configured for other holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter. allows parents to create virtual Halloween decorations and invite their kids and families for ‘trick-or-treat’! Kids can walk around the neighborhood and find decorated houses through the platform. Once they scan the location, they will be able to see the spooky virtual decorations called ‘Spirits’ and earn points. Points can be converted into candies or video game credits based on brand engagement with the platform.

Result / Benefit

Families were able to have fun virtually and safely using the platform. We will be extending the features for other holidays.

Technology Stack

WebAR • PHP • Laravel • PrizmAR API • Google Cloud • AWS

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