TidyOSA: In-Store Compliance Solution

Business Case

Ability to gain insights on store condition, out of stock, product placement, category penetration, price checks, and share of shelf.

A portal where brands can gain insight on the status of their product(s) within the store, which includes planogram compliance, availability of their products on the shelf, pricing intelligence, the share of the shelf, etc. for their respective category.


Retailers can gain similar insights across all brands for different categories within their stores.

Merchandising agencies can get information on their workforce performance across retailer stores and brands. Through the system, they can assign specific tasks to their respective merchandisers and monitor strategy execution.

Merchandisers can track their activities through the app and also gain instant notification on tasks to be completed based on system recommendations, derived from in-store conditions.


A web-based solution to enable agencies to schedule tasks to their merchandisers to effectively perform their in-store tasks including, on-shelf availability, the share of shelf, replenish stock where needed, inventory replenishment requests, pricing compliance, etc. The iOS/Android app helps the merchandisers do their tasks efficiently within the store. The app adjusts the tasks based on the store images.

With the data captured, real-time analytics & insights are provided to the merchandising company, brands, and retailers.

Result / Benefit

More tasks completed by the merchandisers within the store and the tasks are prioritized in real-time providing focus on tasks with the highest return.

Brands were able to make decisions based on real-time insights gained about the share of shelf, inventory levels, etc.

Increased OSA, Increased Share of the Shelf, and a higher percentage of planogram compliance.

Technology Stack

Flutter • Go • C++ • TensorFlow

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