Survey Management System

Business Case

Advanced survey management SaaS platform designed to integrate into the existing consumer-facing application that enables brand owners and agencies to collect feedback and provide insight into brand awareness and consumer preferences.

Survey Management System


We created a cross-platform/cross-device, highly usable user interface for beginners and experienced users. It enables smart publishing, version control, question library, role-based security, and template management. It supports a vast variety of question formats. Questions can be set to skip to or branch to other questions. Additionally, the system supports multiple languages and is easy to integrate into the existing enterprise systems via REST API. This tool also provides powerful Import/Export functionality.

Survey Management System

Result / Benefit

The customer successfully replaced their old and limiting third-party survey solution, integrated multiple consumer and employee-facing applications, backend, and BI systems. The well-designed process and user interface helps to minimize the time needed for training and transfer of historical data.

Technology Stack

Angular • Node.js •  PostgreSQL

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