PrizmAR – Web Based Augmented Reality

Business Case

Create powerful augmented reality experiences that don’t require an app or coding skills.

For Personal Use

Anyone can easily create, publish, and experience Augmented Reality with stunning speed.Web AR SaaS Product Add a layer of digital content to make anything interactive, whether it’s a photograph, book, or birthday card.

For Businesses

Expand your product reach, increase sales and engage your consumers in exciting, innovative ways with custom WebAR content. PrizmAR enhances your marketing and unlocks new ways to capture your audience. We give you all the tools to build Augmented Reality projects needed to launch interactive campaigns. No matter your team size and expertise, if you can dream it, you can build it with PrizmAR.    

For Agencies

Ready to wow your clients and their customers? Build Augmented Reality digital content for your marketing campaigns with our powerful tool kit. PrizmAR has everything you need to create your augmented realities, one or multiple projects at a time.


Augmented Reality is the solution to SMB and Enterprise businesses looking to innovate. Our technology is suitable for every type of company and industry. Check out how the following industries can apply AR to exceed their business goals and customers’ expectations:

Retail and CPG

Provide customers with interactive content about your products by simply pointing their phones. Show how to style a dress, teach a new recipe that pairs well with your wine, or facilitate a virtual ‘try on’ for a more meaningful experience and longer time spent with your brand.  


Bring manuals, textbooks and graphs to life by providing extra digital information about any subject, and make complex concepts easier to understand. Augmented Reality can enrich any learning experience by providing virtual ‘hands on’ training by simulating training tasks and activating visual learning cues to improve recall.

WebAR Education

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Transport people to real-life locations and give them a richer interactive experience of the place. Show them what it’s like to stay at your hotel, visit a National Park, or go scuba diving by virtually placing them there through AR. 

Amusement and Tours 

Make every tour and expedition that much more exciting by providing visual content that takes people back in time. Exploring the Colosseum in Rome? With a simple point of a phone, take tourists back to the Gladiator times by staging a virtual fight. Debuting a new roller coaster ride? Let people ‘ride’ it virtually to build up the hype. With AR, the possibilities are endless.

WebAR for Travel

Pubs, lounges, and dining

Take your customer experience to a whole new level with AR. You can use AR to
create interactive contactless menus, virtual tabletop games, or immersive entertainment by showing guests how their meal is prepared by the chef while they wait to be served. Integrate seamlessly with your POS for contactless payments.

AR for Brands and Retail

Ready to build WebAR experiences that transform your business?