In-Store Digital Display Marketing

Business Case

Brands and Retailers wanted an ability to provide additional product content to increase consumer awareness and provide an engaging experience in-store to increase conversion. The solution was to use digital displays within stores to provide valuable product information with interactive features. Functionalities included simple surveys, discount coupons, recipes, and the ability to chat with an expert.  This enables the gain of valuable consumer feedback, continued engagement with consumers, and the ability to provide product support to enable purchasing decisions.



Interactive displays enhance the consumer experience and drive engagement by serving value-added content, driving sales, and providing valuable insights. Integration with facial analysis and noise tracking provides the following valuable insights:

  • Consumer demographics (age, race, gender) and identify shifting patterns
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Traffic patterns (peak and non-peak times, most and least popular areas of the store)
  • Content Builder Solution: Interactive application with the ability to create screens from templates, push images and video content, deliver coupons electronically, capture customer data.
  • Device Management: Monitor devices from one location, view device battery life, GPS location, power status, remote control of devices to turn on/off, push profile updates, or factory reset.
  • Application Interface: Proprietary platform used to both manage the devices and manage content.
  • Campaign Reporting: Quickly aggregate survey responses, device data, and campaign initiatives. Make informed decisions in real-time on marketing campaigns.
  • Clickable Content: Display select product information, surveys, and coupons that are sent to shoppers via text or email.

Result / Benefit

Both retailers and brands receive valuable information on consumers who were interested in the product, consumer feedback but additionally, retailers also receive valuable information about consumer demographics (age, race, gender) and identify shifting patterns in a certain aisle, and traffic patterns (peak and non-peak times, most and least popular areas of the store).

This information helped retailers better target their consumers, as well as staffing times, store layout, and product assortment. For brands, this analysis will provide immediate feedback on product sentiment by geography and demographic. It can also be used for predictive analysis on the best time of day to schedule demo events.

Technology Stack

React • Django • Dialogflow • AWS

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